At the new Centro Flamenco we plan to offer private flamenco guitar classes online. The classes focus on building up the fundamentals of flamenco guitar playing. An overview of the subjects taught can be found here:

  • Basic Introduction to Flamenco – Students are introduced to the cornerstone music and artists which helped create the genre of flamenco we know today.
  • Learning the Cante (song) – The differences in song structures used in flamenco are explored including Alegrías, Bulerías, Farruca, Soleá, Tangos and more.
  • Mastering the Compás (rhythm) – We analyze the complex rhythms used in song forms and start learning by mastering palmas (hand clapping) in time.
  • First Steps on Guitar – An introduction to the guitar techniques used in flamenco is shown to students in an educational video. AlzapúaArpeggio, Picado, Rasgueado, Tremolo and other key techniques are reviewed.
  • Types of Rasgueado – 3-finger, 4-finger and 5-finger Rasgueado methods are looked at and practiced on guitar.
  • More information coming soon..
Centro Flamenco Classes - Antonio Chacon with Ramon Montoya
Antonio Chacón with Ramón Montoya